Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Post From Parker with His New Camera

Logan got the Big Muff
Dad got the Ov-glove
The Perfect Couple

I Got My Grandpa Tony's Favorite Watch

Christmas Dinner

I'm am Parker and I am going to try blogging for a little bit.  So, it was Christmas morning and there was a present under the tree that my mom and dad wanted me to open.  There were 2 packages tied together with ribbon.  She told me to open the bottom one first.  So I did and it was a purple Nikon Coolpix camera!  I didn't even ask for a camera and I got one!  So I decided to take pictures with my camera all day and here are some of them.  

The first one is Logan, my brother, with his big muff fuzz guitar peddle.  When he opened it up he almost cried.  He loved it so much that for the rest of the day he was hugging it.  The second picture is Dad with the Ov-glove.  I got an Ov-glove last year because I like to cook and I loved it but my dad used it more than me.  So this year, my mom got an Ov-glove and my Dad claims that he now has 2!  The fourth picture is of me and I got my Grandpa Tony's gold watch that he wore almost every day.  And it means a lot to me because I didn't really know him much so to get one of his things is really cool.  My brother also got one of his gold watches and Logan says he wore it a lot too.

The last picture is of all of us together at Christmas dinner.  It was very wonderful being with friends and family and eating our wonderful dinner.

So now that you've seen my first post, I hope to keep you posted on all my future posts and my great photography.


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