Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrations are in order but…the Lunch Lady stole our thunder!

So we are so thrilled because Parker made school all week…So why was Parker so grumpy when he came home?  I was cheering and encouraging, but something felt off.  At first I just thought he was exhausted or in pain, but no…it’s cause of the Lunch Lady.

Ready for this…because I must vent a moment…today, when Parker went to lunch and tried to sit with his friends, like he ALWAYS does, the lunch lady told him that he couldn’t sit there.  Then, she told him he had to sit at the “handicapped table” and she made him move. 

So I must interject here…it took us weeks at the beginning of the year to convince him to even use his wheel chair at school; so he could last longer and not get so tired.  This all stems from when he was in elementary school because he was made fun of.  The kids were calling him the “idiot with arthritis” and “don’t get too close to him cause you will be an idiot too”.  So he didn’t want to stand out as different.  But it was critical that he used his chair to increase his stamina, plus he was falling a lot. 

So back to present time…his friend reluctantly pushed him over to the “handicapped table” where no one was seated and he was very upset. He asked if he could please go back and sit with his friends and she said “no you need to sit here by yourself.” And to make matters worse, the lunch lady then told kids that if they went and sat with him, then they would get a ticket (tickets will be part of a raffle later in the year).  Parker was totally humiliated and kids he didn’t even know sat with him to get a “ticket”.  So what kind of message is this sending our youth? 

We are so proud that Parker didn’t lose it at school.  We are even prouder that he has more empathy and understanding than most.  And we are incredible proud that he went to school all week.  Why didn’t he get a “ticket” for that?!?!?!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Too bad it's a Friday & you didn't find out until so late. I would be calling the principal & having a little chat about that. Wow, poor Parker. That is really messed up. What is her problem??? Tell Parker I am so sorry he has to go through something like this. Some people are just plain cruel. Parker is such a good guy! Em is sad for him, too :(

  2. Oh My. I am glad I do not work at that school because I would hate to take your call when you address this. So much for treating all kids the same and making them feel accepted and not "different". It is awful that child illnesses make children grow up way to face and have to deal with issues like this. it is not fair. give Parker a hug of encouragement from us.

  3. I don't een know what to say to that!! Have you visited the school yet and had a chit chat with the lunch lady?? I think maybe i"d be having lunch with Parker and the principal on Monday!! This is the CRAP our kids have to deal with that is almost the worst of the issues!!

    Parker -- this is why YOU and all our JRA kids are HEROES!! Not just in a parents eye- but many people's eyes! I'm sorry you had to deal with such an ignorant lunch lady!! But am so PROUD that you made it to school all week and held it together!! You are learning a lesson in life...there are so many ignorant people out there! Surround yourself in those that LOVE you!!

  4. Wow, I read this to Jess and she is very upset about what the lunch lady did. Did she at least have a reason for her stupid action? We are proud Parker made through it, but that's not something a kid should have to go through. We are also very very proud he made it though all school week! That's amazing! Give him a hug from me and a huge hug from Jess.

  5. okay so yea i would calling the school on that one.....that is awful! seriously....what are the credentials for a lunch lady maximo i heard one of the lunch ladies yelling at the boys telling them they are gonna end up on the a not so nice tone...not sure what they are thinking. thank goodness parker is wise enough to know she was sounds like he handled it like the little man he is! silly lunch lady!

  6. So sorry Parker had to live through this moment, and grateful that he is such a strong kid and has a mama like you, Rochelle! I know that both of you will change many attitudes. What Parker faced is what kids, like my son, who have developmental disabilities face on a daily basis - and that segregated lunch table in the "inclusive" middle and high school always broke my heart. Still Parker's school and at ours. So wrong, as is the attitude and behavior of the lunch lady.