Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make-A-Wish...A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: By Parker

Limo arrives to drive us to meet Ben Zobrist

Stop at Subway to pick up food for our lunch with Zobrist

Dad and Mom in back of limo

Getting interviewed by the press

Giving Ben Zobrist some gifts for him and his kids

He thanks me for the gifts

Ben gave me some autographed baseball cards

Time to have some fun...Ben asked me to play catch

Ben and I playing catch

Ben and the family

As they stretched for the game they watched college football.

Longo autographes for us

Before game stretch

Time to answer some questions for the paper

Look at Zorilla on the wall

Answering some pre-game questions with Joe Madden

Dad and Kotchman

Logan and Upton

Upton and Zobrist laughing at our funny remarks

Johnny Damon signs my mini bat that Sadie gave me

Kotchman likes my number

John Jaso signs some stuff

Ben gave me his jersey and autographed it for me

Batting practice

Desmond Jennings didn't realize I had a lot for him to sign

Kelly Shoppach is very nice

Watching batting practice

Dad takes a picture of us and David Price

Mom poses for a picture with her new hat

Ben Zobrist hands

Ben Zorist signed my custom hat

Ben Zobrist feet

Don CeSar Sous Chef Jeremy Anderson

The pastry chef made me "the reveal desert"

We sat at the special table in the pastry kitchen

She made me an edible turtle, but I didn't eat it

The Don CeSar chefs gave me a shirt and cookbook

Thank you Make-A-Wish!!!!

Mom and Logan after Don CeSar tour


  1. Parker- I sooo enjoyed this blog about your Make-A-Wish. I could just hear your voice behind every picture. Looks like an amazing day! Hope you were able to fully enjoy this memory for a lifetime without Mr. Aurthur disturbing you too much! Thanks for sharing! There is nobody who deserves it more than YOU!!

  2. Parker- I am so, so thrilled that you had this amazing opportunity! You deserve this more than anyone that I know. I hope that it truly was a magical weekend, the best ever!!! I hope that you're feeling better... at least a little? I pray for you all every day and night. You are an awesome little warrior!

  3. wow! that looks like one awesome weekend!! one that will be remembered happy you were able to do this...we love you!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Parket this is the coolest blog I have seen! Love the pix! What are Ben Zorbrist feet? Did he give you his shoes?! :) love the chef photos and the cake they made you! Looks like the best day ever. Im so glad you got to share it with your family! Hugs to you... Maria

  5. Parker thank you so much for sharing this experience with us through photos! Like Heidi said, I could hear your voice telling the story. What an amazing day. BTW, when did Johnny Damon start playing for the Rays?? Where have I been??