Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Happy Day in Honor of Jenny!

We knew the price would be great, but we are so glad we made the investment…As both our boys are resting today, we reflect on the genuine love that overflowed yesterday at the Parrot Heads of Central Florida’s “Fruitcakes in the Alley” event, ( where all proceeds went to the Arthritis Foundation in honor of all children with juvenile arthritis.  Our family was a part of something wonderful…yesterday was such an amazing experience.  The Parrot Heads know how to party but they only “party with a purpose” and talk about a “purpose”…George Schott, dubbed “the first dude” because his lovely wife Lisa Schott is the President of the Parrot Heads, is one of the most amazing first dudes one could ever meet.  This group has rallied around George for a very specific purpose.  His daughter, Jenny, passed away 5 years ago with complications from systemic JA and this event is to honor her and to continue to hope for a cure for JA.  (Jenny’s Story:  A cure can only come with funds and boy oh boy, does this group know how to come together and raise funds and awareness!

We were all swept away in the moment, pure adrenalin running through our children’s veins, giving them energy to “party with a purpose” right along-side these amazing Parrot Heads.  Parker was the honoree this year and he had the honor of two dear friends joining him in this honor:  Sadie and Delaney.  The delight in these children’s eyes filled us parents with such joy, thankfulness, and a closeness that is beyond words.  Some days it is so hard to smile and smiles were contagious yesterday!  You know, the kind of smiles that fill your heart so full that tears try spilling out to make room for the happiness. 

If you have been following us in our journey, you know that Parker’s brother, Logan, has also had some medical issues.  Just prior to this event we found out that he does not have a tumor, thank God.  He has something called occipital neuralgia.  For a month now, he has had an incredibly severe headache.  I am sure you can imagine how loud and painful a bowling alley party can get for a kid with a severe headache.  But Logan insisted on going and supporting his brother and all children with JA.  So, he did and with earphones and adrenalin he joined in the fun.

I am sure that many are wondering how Parker could possibly make it through this day…well, he did…with the help of lots of medicine and lots of cheering on…and LOADS of love that filled the building.  And dear Delaney and Sadie were right there by his side.  Friendship and understanding connects these children.  They have strength beyond strength.  And we are so proud and inspired by their strength.  In multiple moments they helped each other out and the sweetest moments were when Logan and Drake (Delaney’s brother) supported these kids in just the right way…they “know” what to do and when to do it!

But back to the Fruitcakes in the Alley…Parker opened the event with a speech.  You can hear it at this link  :Parker's Honoree Speech

The day was full of fun:  bowling, dancing, eating, raffles, bidding, jamming, and awards.  The greatest award was seeing our children putting medals on all the finalists.  But nothing prepared us for what we were about to experience…the final award went to the winners of the bowling tournament and as our sweet kids Parker, Sadie, and Delaney went to put the medals around their necks, they took their medals from their tiny hands and put the medals around the kids’ necks.  The true winners…I will let the pictures speak for what we experienced…


Thank you Parrot Heads.  We are that much closer to our children’s CURE…just what I am sure Jenny would HOPE for!  And it’s never too late to help out.  Parker’s Purple Playas are getting ready for
our spring walk with the Arthritis Foundation and if you would like to “party with a purpose” with us, join our team….or make a secure donation, his walk link is:  Parker's Purple Playas AF Walk  

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  1. This is fantastic. Glad to see some happy faces! You all look wonderful and do great things. Wish we could have joined! Love to all!