Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Boggy Creek Boys Spread JOY

It's time to spread a little JOY!  And because of Camp Boggy Creek (one of Paul Newman's Serious Fun Camp, http://www.boggycreek.org/), we said YES to JOY this past weekend.  It was our final Family Retreat Weekend because Parker is 16 and will be aging out.  There is not enough good I can say about the miracle of camp

Of course Parker went out with a bang.  Thanks to these Dads for making his final performance extra special (see video link below). Enjoy the first and final appearance of the Camp Boggy Creek Boys: The Godfather (Michael, Dad), The Enforcer (Brian), The Facilitator (Tony), The Mayor (Parker) and The Heart Throb (Pal Jamar). I laughed so hard my sides hurt. That's one special kind of "YES to JOY". Thank you Camp Boggy staff and volunteers for bringing 20 years of joy to our children.  Watch the video and experience the joy for yourself.

Link to video

Also, here are a few pictures of our fun weekend.

Family Style Meals
Fun in the Gym

Boggy Creek Boys


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