Saturday, September 17, 2016

Do You Know What I Want? What I Really Really Want?

I rarely say what I want…I am more about helping and doing for others.  So, yesterday I was debating on if I should dare to really ask all my friends and family what I really “want”.  As I was thinking about if I should, Michael changed the station on the radio and the music blared out “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…”  I am taking that as a sign.

What I really really want is for the world to know that kids can get arthritis (not like Grandma’s osteoarthritis…you know, the really bad auto inflammatory kind) and I wish there was a public service announcement, so everyone was really aware.  But since there is no PSA…maybe Parker’s PhRma Research and Hope Award video could act as a PSA if everyone got on board and helped it go viral.  He said what many families who are enduring juvenile arthritis want the world to know.  So…what I really really want is for all of you to share with everyone you know this short YouTube video in hopes that it will go viral and JA will finally have a voice. 

With a grateful heart,

Rochelle (Parker’s mom)

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