Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parker Shares What JA is Like

March 16, 2011
So I am writing today to try let people understand what arthritis is like. Now just let me tell you it is not fun; it is painful.
For example, look at this picture...

To see the vessels and the pain in my back angle the screen.

Also for optimal view, angle the screen.

Now for those doctors that say, it was all in my head; look at this. Bet you don’t think it’s in my head now.

I also have to go through a lot of tests along with the pain.

For example, look at this.
Not fun.

And for all my friends who say I’m lucky because I don’t have to do all the homework and school work. Well their wrong. I have to do all the work they do but while I’m in pain.


  1. Parker, I wish that I had magic words that could just heal you, but I can tell you that Dr. E rocks, and she will take great care of you, and your parents rock even more! They will not rest until you are feeling better. I really think you're closer to being "figured out".
    Also, Emily says that she hopes you feel better :( She saw the pics & just said "Awwwww!" It was really cute. She really likes you, too :) I'm so glad ya'll met! I hope tomorrow is a much better day!

  2. Ryleigh had all kinds of questions...she is very concerned about you especially when she saw the hospital pics and nurses...she can relate to that....we love you - wish we could make it all better. We will keep praying!
    Love - Aunt Theresa and Ryleigh