Monday, March 14, 2011

Parker's Second Blog

March 14, 2011
Today, when I woke up, my legs buckled under me and I couldn’t stand.  It’s been a scary day; so I decided to blog about something good.  So now look at this picture!

Isn’t it funny? When we were at Shands Hospital in Gainesville a week ago, all the nurses dressed up as gauze super heroes. Jeanette, the one on the top left with glasses and curly hair, said she thinks she is allergic to the gauze. She got all rashy where she had put gauze on. Then nurse Kim (who by the way is pregnant) they call the dictator because she is bossy. Soooooooooooo I said since she did not dress up as a super hero, she is the evil super villain THE DICTATOR! Da da daaaaaaaaaa! On a side note isn’t that gauze cool.
So this is my friend Mark. He has arthritis too. See how he is all dressed up in Elmo. Red Elmo shirt red, Elmo hat, and even red shorts to match it. It’s cool, isn’t it?

(Sorry the picture has Jello covering his face. He did not want me to take a picture of him, but I snuck one in.)  

OK, now look at me here. Blue Cookie Monster shirt, blue Rays hat, blue shorts, and even blue shoes (you can’t see the shoes and shorts but they were blue). Now guess when this picture of me was taken? 1 day… 1 day after the one of Mark. And guess what? I was going to where this outfit the day I was with Mark, but my dad said it was too much blue. Now how cool would that have been. Me and Mark in matching Sesame Street outfits.  I call it “Facebook profile picture worthy”. But I have a pretty good soon-to-be Facebook profile picture.

Look below.

Now how cute is that? That is me and Emily. She is just like me but in girl form. I love her. She is like my new BFF.


  1. Emily says: "That's cute! Zach likes it, too."
    Zach says: "That is hilarious and awesome!"

    I think you just made their nights :) I hope that you are feeling a little better tomorrow. I'm sorry that today was such a scary day. :( You, Emily and Mark got ripped off, but know what? Dr. Elder, Dr. Modica and your mom and dad are working really hard to try to get you feeling better. Hang in there, and keep being awesome!!!

  2. you are awesome make me smile. thank you for sharing the pics....i love that you have found some friends that you feel understand be understood and feel really is what we all strive for. i love you! hang in there....i just know that you r going to feel better soon.