Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Positive Purple Power by Parker

Logan, Mom, Dad, and Me
Southern Wine & Spirits Support My Dad

So last Sunday we had a fund raiser for arthritis at one of my dad's accounts, The Dirty Shame.  What we did is we were selling drinks and ALL the proceeds and even the TIPS were going to my team for the Arthritis Foundation’s walk.  At first we weren’t getting the crowd we really expected.  So what I did was sit in my wheelchair in front of the venue and asked for people to come on in and told them that it was for arthritis.  We had a couple people come in.  But we weren’t really getting any donations. So I asked for a cup that I could put money in so that people knew that they could donate even if they didn’t come in for a drink.  After a while, people started to say things like “I will come back later…” or “here’s a dollar…” and we started to get donations.
Mom's Friends from Work Help Out
Aunt Janey Took Pictures for Us

Logan Helped Get Donations

Aunt Sandy and Uncle John with Me
Aunt Sandy and Uncle John Even
Brought Friends who Also Donated
Then later, two old guys walked by.  I asked them if they wanted to come in because all proceeds went to kids with arthritis.  But they said they were just at a bar for the last 2 hours.  And I was kind-of sad.  But then my brother Logan said you can just donate here if you would like…you don’t have to buy a drink.  So the one dude said, “Ya, I guess I can do that.” And he gave us three bucks.  And then he started asking me questions about what it is for a kid to have arthritis and how it affects me.  So I briefly told him my story of what I have gone through.  And then his friend came over, the other dude who was also old, after I shared my story and ended up giving a dollar too.  And that made me feel like I had accomplished my goal.  If I can just tell one person a day that kids can get arthritis too, then everybody will know in no time.

Later, a lady walked by with her husband.  I told her about kids with arthritis.  And she decided to make a donation.  She gave $20 and grabbed my head and said, “God bless you.”  At the end of the day, I had ended up raising close to $400.

Mom's Early Childhood Friends

I want people to know what I go through but I don’t want people to treat me like a baby.  What I go
through is really hard and it really hurts.  But half the days I lay on the couch or in bed because I hurt so badly.  And sometimes I end up sleeping with my mom at night because I am scared I will wake up in more pain. 

Even Candy from the AF Came with
Her Husband

Aunt Regina, Victoria, and Uncle John

Anne and Chaz Brought Friends Along
We went inside when it started to rain
Sometimes I feel like the meds aren’t even worth it…they hurt my stomach sometimes and I don’t know anymore.  They need to invent meds that don’t hurt and taste good because then kids will want to take their meds.

Life is going to get better, I know it.  I know it’s hard right now but the future is bright for us.  I feel like I have helped the “arthritis community” because at least I am letting other people know about this disease.
I Invited People in
and also to Donate
Nice End to a Wonderful Event


  1. What an awesome job Parker! Thank you from me and my son for letting people know that kids get arthritis too.

  2. This is awesome, Parker you are such a strong young man. We are all so proud of you and for how you stand up for yourself and tell it the way it is. Keep persevering! You make us all proud!
    Love, Donna, Joey, Cassandra and Ashlyn

  3. Parker- You seriously ROCK!!! I applaud your efforts. I love that you are so vocal about what you are going through. Emily doesn't like to talk about it (except with you & Sadie). I try to get her to talk more, and she's getting better but you really have a gift. I think that God gives people big things because they can do bigger things than what they are going through. (I also think that God gives more to those that He loves the most). All of you kids with arthritis are so inspiring to people! I know that it shouldn't have to happen but you are even more amazing because of what you go through. Thank you so much for shouting from the rooftops (or street corners!) that "Kids get Arthritis, too!"

  4. Parker,

    You are truly inspiring. I joined the arthritis community and a year later my 10 year old son has joined me. There is nothing worse than being a mom and not being able to make our kids better. Your family is so supportive and inspiring. Thank you for sharing all that you are doing towards a cure. Education = Awareness = Donations = Research = CURE No matter how long or short the journey is we all get there the same way one step at a time. Thank you for all that you have done, you are a remarkable young man.