Tuesday, April 17, 2012

With Deep Heartache Comes Happiness…

We are a happy despite all our struggles.  In fact, our struggles have brought us the richest, deepest happiness possible.  Through our intense sadness we have seen the goodness in people.  And for that, we are truly touched and blessed.

We have met so many people along our journey…all with their own kind of journey.  People of all walks of life…some we have met in our childhood, some through school, others through work, people through our common interests, many from family members, others through networks, and those who can relate with our struggles.  The connections we have made have webbed across this beautiful world of ours.  And this web keeps us connected… 

I am continually amazed with the goodness in people.  And the goodness keeps on giving.  And all the kindness that has touched our family gives us such hope and inspiration and energy.  People are touching our family in simple and yet very profound ways.  I just have to share a few of our amazing experiences…a small preschooler is collecting her “Pennies for Parker’s Purple Plays”; Ben Zobrist granted our dear boy’s wish and was so kind and engaging; a total stranger mailed Parker a bobble head, from many miles away, of Ben Zobrist after seeing his Make-A-Wish story; Logan’s doctor in the hospital personally called his school to tell them how wonderful he is and to encourage their support of him; our bosses are completely supportive of both of us; a preschool is raising money for our walk team; a youth group leader we have never met sent a letter of how Parker inspires his youth; a friend has volunteered to show up at 5:30 a.m. to help set up the walk (wow); our very special friends always remember to not only check on Parker but also our sweet dear Logan; my aunt has folded more laundry than I ever care to tell; our neighbors have helped with our dog when we rush off to the hospital 2.5 hours from our home; nurses and doctors who are not even assigned to Parker come to visit him when he is in the hospital; the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts who are working hard on behalf of their friend Parker to raise funds; the amazing Child Life group works endlessly to bring joy to the floors of the hospital; many children have collected many many can tabs at school to benefit the Ronald McDonald House; friends send cards or call at just the right moments; teachers have continued to check-in on us; little children whose lives are touched by JA (including siblings) touch base with our boys and send texts and messages; the infusion nurses surround us with love through their care; colleagues have stayed close and connected during the most incredible time in my life; the Arthritis Foundation has given our family the opportunity to grow; learn, and meet others; the manager at the Ritz gave our family the opportunity to see Parker and Logan glow when meeting “Young the Giant”; strangers donated to our AF garage sale; Camp Boggy Creek gives so many families continual love; our camp counselor came to visit Parker in the infusion room; so many, many people have joined our walk team and are raising funds for the many touched by this disease; many people who have donated to our walk…some we don’t even know; a special someone who made a “Tucker Turtle” blanket to raffle with Parker’s story; the young man who taught us about power, peace, and purpose; the Dirty Shame who is hosting a benefit with 100% of the proceeds going to the Arthritis Foundation; the Parrot Heads support our children with JA; many early childhood providers/trainers came to play with all the many children at the Family Connect Day; the little friends who donated toys to the infusion room; the individuals who welcome Logan into their homes at any time on any day; the Elf with Elves that arrived at our front door with a purple mini Christmas tree and tons of love in their hearts; Parker’s doctors who take the time to connect with him….really connect with him; our friends and family who say just the right thing at the right moment or simply listen; my team at work who carry on no matter what; the children who push through their pain with smiles on their face that fill the hearts of all they touch; and the lady we recently met in the hospital who totally engaged my son and encouraged him to keep on keeping on….to each and everyone of you ….thank you.  Our lives are forever richer with you in it!

Keep paying it forward…Never under estimate the wonderful things that can happen when lives are touched by loving relationships…the best medicine in the whole wide world.

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