Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cards for a Cause!

There are really amazing big-hearted people in this world!  I have been blessed to meet one such person, Helene Graziano.  Helene heard about Parker through a friend of mine who was sharing to raise awareness about juvenile arthritis.  My friend, Denise, told Helene about Parker’s giving heart and how another mom, Dawn Veselka, and I had started a non-profit to benefit children with chronic illness like Parker and Sadie (Dawn’s daughter).
Helene and her daughter
Helene was very excited to hear about this because she has a business called Helene’s Papercrafting with “Stampin’ Up”.  Their new theme is “Making the Difference”.  Well, this new theme lead her to recruit her family’s help and set up a weekend card crafting marathon to benefit our non-profit, the High-5-Club.  Helene wanted to make a difference for children with chronic illness like Parker and their families.
Rochelle giving Helene a
Now, what you need to understand is that Dawn and I have been working hard just to jump start High-5-Club and we only have a Facebook page,,  and a website landing page,, so far.  We are a brand new non-profit with a 501c3.  We are still just trying to get everything lined up and along comes Helene who made High-5-Club her first official benefit event!  I just couldn’t believe it!

I went to the final of four card making sessions that she hosted.  As soon as I entered, I could feel the warmth of her heart.  Helene and her daughter greeted us all and guided us through such fun card crafts.  I knew I was there because of the benefit, but what I didn’t know was what fun it would be.  It was like I was transported away from my stress and I found myself relaxing, giggling, teasing, and conversing with an amazing group of women who were all there, not only to learn and craft, but to also give back to their community and make a difference.  I am thankful to each and every one of them.
At one point, Helene shared why she went into this business and she shared that she was drawn to it because she was a social worker; and what she liked about paper crafting was that it allowed for her to build relationships.  Her words resonated with me a great deal and as she spoke about how impressed she was with children like Parker; she took my breath away.  She was incredibly genuine and in that moment I was thinking how we are all interconnected and the relationships we build are the greatest gifts in this world.  The human spirit…the love we share…this is what pushes us on.
Helene donated $600 to the High-5-Club.  A huge “high five” goes out to her for our official first benefit and first donation. Yet, Helene has given much more through her kindness.  We are so very thankful.



  1. That is wonderful Rochelle! I am so happy for you and refreshed by the loving nature of others. :o)

  2. Dear Rochelle I'm so GLAD you can enjoy and meet Helene and have a GOOD time
    I'm very familiar with " Stampin'UP " I love it and I have some those stamp . if you would like I can dropp off in your house, that way you try more , is A LOT OF the stuff you can DO. I can show you and Parker too.
    A High 5 and thank you to Ms Helen for be a First Official Benefit Event !
    Rochelle let me know by cell or email love your family Coach Liz

  3. It was such a fun and uplifting event! Many thanks to Helene and her family for supporting the cause that our family is so passionate about. The goodness of people never ceases to amaze me! It is so wonderful when giving hearts match up with an awesome day of fun and laughter. Thanks for the invitation and another opportunity to show Parker how much we love him!!