Sunday, June 30, 2013

Friends Forever

Last night Parker decided to write down his thoughts after the JA Family Fun Day and then he asked me to post it on the blog.

This morning I woke up in a ton of pain. It wasn’t a surprise because I have been hurting really bad. But today I had to push through it because it was the family beach day thing. I slept the whole way there and really didn’t want to go. When we got there I still wanted to go home. But I started hanging out with my friends and things started to get better. There was one specific friend that I really connect with. And the whole day was ok when I was hanging out with her and my other friends. The best part of the day was that I won the best-dressed contest. I also got second place in a watermelon-eating contest. I ended up doing sooooooo much and now I’m in even more pain. After the fun though I still feel terrible. But remember your friends make everything better.

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